Family gathering habits we don’t want to see this Christmas

They need to stop

Christmas habits (blackdoctor)

It’s that time of the year when families gather to celebrate Christmas. This is the time you get to meet those distant aunts, uncles, and, cousins that you hardly talk to except during family gatherings, burials or wedding ceremonies.

While it’s such a great time to catch up with each other, reminisce about your childhood times and eat until you can’t eat anymore, it’s also a time that can tear families apart. So it’s a time that we look forward to but also dread in equal measure due to all the madness that can happen during this short time.

For the sake of sobriety, peace, respect for each other and unity in the family, there are habits that must stop. Let’s allow Christmas to be that happy moment it used to be and make sure we avoid doing these annoying things this Christmas:

1. Making Christmas gossip time

No, Christmas is not the time to spread rumours about other relatives. If you don’t like someone, don’t go telling the rest or inciting others against the person. This is also not the time to say what you heard so and so say about so and so. Good vibes alone are what we want this Christmas.

2. Asking people when they will get married

We all have such annoying relatives who pretend to care so much about your personal life. They will remind you of how age is catching up with you like you already do not know hence ruining your Christmas. Really, can we stop this?

3. Asking when you are getting another kid

First of all, how did you know that they want another kid? Just because you have several kids doesn’t mean that everyone wants to go in that line. Some people are content with one kid and others with none. Just let them be for crying out loud.

4. Letting other people do the donkey work while you do nothing

These are probably the worst people we encounter during family gatherings. They are busy ordering people around and asking if nyama choma is ready. Theirs is to just walk around admiring cows and picking fruits at the garden. Sadly, they will also be the first to complain about how badly the ugali was made.

5. Annoying comparisons

One of your cousins is a doctor, another is a lawyer and another a successful business person. What about you? See, some relatives will always compare you with other people which is very wrong. We all got our different paths of interest. If I am content being a teacher or a cashier, don’t tell me about being a lawyer or suggest that I should have pursued a different career path.

6. Commenting about your weight

Now now, if someone put on or shed some weight, it’s their business. Alright? Don’t say mean things about their weight or assume they are stressed just because they lost some weight. Probably they are just keeping fit.


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