After Citizen TV fired her, Terryanne Chebet reveals how her extravagant life changed abruptly

Terryanne finally opens up

Chebet was one of the people sent home during the restructuring at RMS, which also saw show host and news anchor Kirigo Ng’arua leave the screens.

Though many thought it was an easy journey for Chebet since she had several business ventures which she could fall back to, life was not that smooth for Terryanne.

Speaking to True Love magazine, the journalist laid bare how her high-class life had to drastically change to accommodate her current income flow.

“I sat down and wrote a list of what I absolutely needed and where I would have to stop splurging altogether,” she said.

While on television Terryanne had to appear her best with hair and makeup on point. However, after her predicament, she had to cut on the number of times she went to the salon.

The mother of one mentioned that she had to learn some Do It Yourself (DIY) tips which she used to style her hair.

“I cut back on my trips to the salon for DIYs at home. I bought a wig as opposed to weaves. My salon budget went down by more than half the first month,” she disclosed.

Terryanne added that she also had to reduce going out for dinners and opted to stay at home and cook.

“I also had to cut back on buying perfumes and eating out, saving more money by staying in and cooking more,” the journalist pointed out.

Terryanne is the owner and founder of Keyara Organics (a beauty line) and Scarlet Digital ( an advertising, communication and public relations company.

The entrepreneur further highlighted that she had to let go of her daughter’s nanny after she was laid off.

She had been with us for over 10 years and I had to let her go since I would be at home and unable to afford her,” she added.

Getting fired can happen to anyone at unexpected or expected times. Therefore it is important to plan well for these trying times.

Here are important tips you could use:

1. Make sure you save money on a monthly basis.

2. Do not spend beyond what you can afford.

3. If you can see it coming, pay off as much debt as you can.

4. Reduce your spending.

5. Invest.


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