But hey, if you are in your 20s, you had better make maximum use of your younger years. Once you hit 30, certain things change. You feel older and will want to do more serious stuff than chasing crazy dreams.

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Just to make sure you don’t wish to relive your 20s, here are some important things you must accomplish before you hit your 30s:

1.Pay your debts

Paying Back Student Loans
Paying Back Student Loans

By the time you are getting to 30, you should have learnt how to manage your income without having to borrow money to sustain your life. You realize that responsibilities increase with age and you don’t want your student loan to be dragging you behind in your 30s.

2. Learn a new language

Remember that foreign language you badly wanted to learn? Well, better start doing it now. The more you wait, the more you will lose interest and before you know it, you will have too much to do to spare some extra time to learn.

3.Travel the world

Don’t just stick in Nairobi or your home city. Explore the world when still young; study in a new country, take a job abroad and don’t limit yourself. Once you get settled with a family, you might never get the chance to travel.

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4.Conquer your fears


There is that one thing on your bucket list that you keep postponing because it’s terrifying. Your 20s are your best years to conquer that fear. Whether it’s bungee jumping or water rafting, just get done with it as early as now.

5.Invest in yourself

Build up your network, get a mentor and enhance your skills. This is the best time to enroll for new courses and further your studies.

6.Start a side hustle

You can’t rely on a single source of income in today’s world. If you are still doing so, you better start a side hustle as early as now. You will have more responsibilities in your 30s and your job might not be enough.