How women with big boobs can rock strapless bras effortlessly

Strapless bras can be a totally headache for women with large breasts. Here are tips to rock one effortlessly.

The supporting gears meant to hold the twins up and firm constantly drop and if you are in a public gathering you can be badly embarrassed.

Here are simple hacks that will help you:

1. Choose a smaller size

Select a bra that is at least one band size lower than your standard bra. This is to compensate for losing the support you would get from the straps.

Make sure that it is as tight as possible but ensure you are comfortable.

Also go a size higher on the caps to ensure the boobs fit well.

2. Do not moisturize your boobs

When wearing a strapless bra do not oil your breasts to ensure that they remain sticky.

If they are not sticky enough,  use elastic features like silicone or rubber on the bra to give it more grip.

3. Use larger bands

To give the breast maximum support, big girls with big boobies must ensure that the band is large enough to hold the twins.

4. Consider long line bras

A long line bra helps to redistribute the weight of your breasts.

When going strapless women with big boobs can use this.


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