Why physically attractive people cannot maintain a long term relationship

Don't worry if your relationships keep breaking down, it's probably just because you're so good looking.


Could it be that you are just not a commitment type of person or do people see something wrong in you that you don’t know?

Well you do not have to worry too much anymore because it could just be because you are physically attractive.

As vain as this may seem, there have been actual studies that indicate better-looking people’s relationships last for a shorter time as compared to those that are averagely attractive.

Reason for this being that attractive people end up taking a greater interest in other partners especially when they are unhappy in their current relationships.

But is this not just cheating?

Past research was conducted to investigate whether more attractive people have interest in alternative relationship options by asking participants to rate the attractiveness of another person of the opposite sex.

The findings of the research found that those that were considered physically attractive and in a committed relationship showed more interest in other people of the opposite sex. as compared to averagely attractive people.

All in all the study suggests that physically attractive people have more break-ups because they may be less willing to do the work necessary to maintain their relationships.

Since attractiveness gives such people more relationship options then this makes it harder to protect that relationship from outside threats.

Having too many relationship choices as such is not very beneficial for relationship longevity.

The study titled ‘Attractiveness and relationship longevity: Beauty is not what it is cracked up to be’, was conducted by Harvard University researchers.

For those that have been been rejected by someone attractive in the past, don't despair. It probably wouldn't have lasted anyway.


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