Hear me out! Its not that were not putting in the time running outside, lifting weights, or squatting at the gym; its that were not putting enough time into all the other movements outside of those fitness activities. We get stiff, physically and mentally, and our progressbuilding strength, losing weightgoes stagnant.

Thats why I love turning people on to dance. My own style, called Socanomics, is rooted in traditional Caribbean dance, which uses low-to-the-ground rhythmic movements that blast your core, legs, and butt. The beauty of Socanomicsand the conditioning workouts Ive created around it on my High-Intensity Dance Cardio DVD is that it trains your body to move in multiple planes of motion, not just the up-and-down and forward-and-backward orbits were used to. Even if you arent a great dancer, this 360-degree movement boosts stability and mobility in your hips, setting you up for a strong, sculpted booty and flat, functional abs.

Try Selena's dance-inspired squats that'll inspire you to shake your booty:

And the best part is, the routines featured on High-Intensity Dance Cardio are so fun and addictive, you wont even feel like youre working out. Since youre always moving, always matching the beat and energy of the music (think Reggaeton), youll burn calories and blast fat without wanting to stop. Im serious! Its actually addictive. You see, with dance, there is always room for refinement, for gracefulness, if you will. Youll find yourself itching to do the routines from High-Intensity Dance Cardio again and again until the muscle memory takes over and, as cheesy as it sounds, youre moving straight from the heart.

I encourage even the choreo-challenged to give Socanomics a shot , because those are the ladies who need it most. When youre comfortable in your bodysomething that comes from feeling your body move, feeling it come to lifeyou gain a type of confidence that nothing can touch.

And for real, nothing feels better than letting loose and seeing what your body can do. I promise, youll be amazed.