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Common pregnancy myths you need to stop believing

Bursting pregnancy myths

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Pregnancy comes with mixed emotions. Sometimes you will be excited and other times you will be tired and moody.

You most likely will hear lots of stories regarding pregnancy; like the things you should do or not do, foods to eat and not eat as well as expectations. While there may be some truth about what you hear, you need to be careful about what you take since some are mere myths.

Some of the common myths you need to stop believing about pregnancy include:

1. Eating for two


This is the biggest lie told during pregnancy. People give you the pressure to eat more just because you are pregnant. You sure will need some extra calories to support your baby’s development, but that doesn’t give you the go ahead to over eat.

2. You should avoid exercise

You will want to do everything possible just to keep your unborn baby safe. A common belief is that if you exercise during pregnancy, you can get a miscarriage. But the truth is that moderate exercise is crucial for fetal development as well as your own health.


3. You can’t fly

You can actually fly while pregnant and your baby will still be fine. However, if you are almost due, you might be required to produce a letter from your doctor showing that you are in perfect health.

4. A glass of wine does no harm

No studies have shown that a certain amount of alcohol is okay during pregnancy. So even if you are craving some wine, not even a glass is okay.


5. Pregnancy glow

While some women have an amazing natural glow during pregnancy due to sufficient blood flow, it does not happen to everyone. Some women will actually experience acne breakouts and other skin problems throughout their pregnancy.

6. Pineapples and papayas cause miscarriage

Both of these fruits provide amazing benefits during pregnancy. And they cannot cause a miscarriage unless you eat so many of them. Eating them with moderation is the key thing. 


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