Reasons why married couples are using condoms

It has nothing to do with infidelity

They are married and trust each other completely so why would they opt to use condoms in their marriage.

In addition to that, Kenyans seem to not really like condoms that much if a survey conducted by the UNAIDS is anything to go by.

The survey revealed that a lot of new couples only use protection for the first two days in their relationship – this is when they eventually decide to have sex- and after that they just completely ditch the rubber.

A 2016 research by Consumer Insight Africa revealed that 47 percent of married women that used contraceptives said they preferred using condoms as a family planning option.

So one tends to wonder why married couples would opt to use condoms in their relationship when they seem to not be a favorite among the numerous methods of contraception.

The reasons are however not tied to infidelity.

1.Birth control

As per the study, a lot of married women prefer using condoms as a family planning method.

Some of the reasons why married women would opt out of the other forms of contraceptives could be because of some of the severe side effects such as irregular periods and nausea.

2.It’s less messy when they use condoms

Some couples find skin to skin sex a bit messy especially after ‘finishing’.

They want to cuddle up after having sex but the fluids might come in the way of that so having a condom on after makes things easier when cuddling.

3.Allergies to semen

Some women are allergic to their men’s semen.

It can get so bad that you could get anaphylactic shock.

These women experience irritation, itching, painful urination, eczema as well as a severe allergic reaction.

This is according to a research done by Dr. Michael Carroll from the Reproductive Science at Manchester Metropolitan University which says that up to 12 percent of women can be allergic to semen.

4.For some couples, using condoms helps them prolong their sexual encounters

Apparently using condoms can make the man last longer before having an orgasm.

This is of course for the men that do not last long when they have sex raw.

5.Preventing infection

Another reason why they could opt for condoms could be that one of them has an infection and they do not want the other to get the infection, for example, HIV.


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