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5 key things that will help Kenyans identify real census enumerators

The amount of time they should spend in your house

5 ways to identify official 2019 KNBS census enumerators on the night of August 24

Kenyans have been apprehensive about the 2019 National Population and Housing Census that will kick off on Saturday August 24, 2019 night.

The major concern has been how one will be able to ascertain that the night visitors are the official census enumerators and not burglars taking advantage of the exercise.

KNBS Population and Social Statistics Director MacDonald Obudho has outlined five ways that will help Kenyans stay safe during the exercise as it is scheduled to end on August 31.


Elements on official ID issued by KNBS

First, Kenyans have been asked to have a look at the official identification card that has been issued by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

It should have the name of the enumerator, their national ID number, the Kenyan coat of arms, KNBS logo and the official 2019 census logo.

Second, census staff have been issued with a unique uniform which they must wear at all times.

The uniform comprises of a orange or maroon reflector jacket branded with the Kenyan coat of arms on the right and the census logo on the left, as well as the 2019 census motto "Jitokeze Uhesabike".


Third, the enumerator must have the Computer Aided Personal Interviewer (CAPI) tablet. This will be Kenya's first census conducted using digital equipment therefore an enumerator must carry the gadget.

Fourth, enumerators will be accompanied by residents’ association leaders or welfare security personnel whose purpose is to assure you that they are the authorized personnel from KNBS.

Lastly, enumerators should not ask for any monetary compensation to carry out the exercise. They are also not authorized to spend more than 30 minutes in your house.

Ensure an enumerator marks your house to indicate that your household has been counted.


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