Kenya Meteorological Department on Tuesday confirmed that there would be no long rains this month.

Kenyans were warned to expect water scarcity after the department reiterated that there were no rains being expected at the moment.

A farmer inspecting his crops

Acting Deputy Director of Kenya Meteorological Department Bernard Chanzu, pointed out that the failure of the rains was due to climate change.

Chanzu further explained that current data showed that the month of May will also have no rainfall.

“The bigger picture about prolonged dry spell which means a drought is foreseeable is growing increasingly clear,” stated Chanzu.

Rains sitting in Tanzania

A week ago, Acting Kenya Meteorological Department Director Stella Aura, had highlighted that the wind that brings rain to Kenya, was “sitting” in Tanzania.

“The seasonal rains are caused by the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) but currently it has not moved northwards.

A rainy day in Nairobi

“It is sitting in Tanzania, the high-pressure systems in the south have not strengthened to the point that they will push the ITCZ so there will just be a delay, but the rains will come towards the end of the month,” remarked Aura.

The acting boss however had indicated that the long rains had started but were in small amounts and not well spread out.

She had added that the Cyclone Idai, which had caused destruction in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, had delayed the onset of the long rains.