Journalist Anne Kiguta explained that she needed to a break from TV after working as a journalist with little time to rest for almost ten years.

The TV queen who is making a comeback on K24 said that the break was necessary for her to take a minute and regroup.

"I had a ten-month break and it was a necessary break. I have been covering politics for the last maybe ten years with little break," Ms Kiguta said.

Anne Kiguta set for TV comeback after 10-month break

"After the intensity of the last two elections that we covered, I said it's no longer about what the station requires it's about what I need," she added.

Political show

She went on to explain that her job is tasking and taking a moment was necessary for her to relax and come back better.

The political news anchor will debut on K24 TV this Sunday with her new show Punchline where she will be hosting news makers and a host high-level government officials inside a boxing ring to discuss national matters.

Anne Kiguta to host DP William Ruto

On her Instagram account, Ms Kiguta also unveiled her first guest, in the interview which will take the form of a boxing match.

Ms Kiguta revealed that she will be hosting Deputy President William Ruto during the Sunday interview.