Examinations conducted on the bodies of a family that was executed by their eldest son has provided helpful insights into the bizarre killings.

The post-mortems were conducted at the Kenyatta Memorial Funeral Home all through Monday by Government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

According to Dr Oduor, two of the bodies showed signs of worse cruelty than others which he interpreted to mean that the killer must have been more bitter with the two.

Lawrence Warunge - the 23-year-old university student who killed his father, mother, brother and cousin - is said to have been most bitter with his father and brother.

"The person who got the most injuries was the father and son actually. I cannot remember exactly how many, but they had very many stab wounds, with severed necks. It is like the person who killed the two was doing it with a lot of anger," Dr Oduor observed.

Pathologists provide insights into Kiambaa killings

The pathologist further explained that Warunge's mother put up the most resistance to her attacker.

Dr Oduor noted that out of all the victims, Ms Wanjiku Njoroge, had the most severe upper arm injuries indicating that she put up a fight before she died.

The mason who was also murdered at the family home put up the least resistance indicating that he was attacked by surprise.

"We found multiple injuries that were similar. They were mainly stab wounds, which were multiple on the chest. Some of them had slash wounds on the neck and there were multiple blunt trauma to the head. Those were the external findings. Internally, there were head injuries, there was bleeding. All of them died due to multiple injuries which were caused by blunt and penetrating trauma and also significant loss of blood," the pathologist reported.