Suspect released after he told judge 'I was ignorant, stupid and overexcited'

The Kenyan student had been held in contempt

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi. Billy Graham, student who shouted during hearing of Babu Owino case released

A 23-year-old Kenyan student was on Tuesday released from custody after he admitted to having conducted himself in a manner that disrespected a Nairobi court.

Billy Graham, who was apprehended on Monday after shouting "Be objective Bwana" at Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi was arraigned on Tuesday to answer to charges of casing disturbance in a courtroom.

Billy earned his freedom after he told the judge,"I did not mean to cause any disrespect. My act was out of ignorance, stupidity and over excitement. I regret that fact."

Billy's interjection on Monday caused the bail hearing for Embakasi MP Babu Owino to be adjourned to allow for order to resume in the court room.

Magistrate Andayi took keen note of the suspect's name while noting that Babu and his lawyers had disowned any association with him yet he had spoken to defend the MP.

"You have very serious names, especially the identity Graham. Your conduct should mirror your name; you should behave like Graham.

"The person who made you shout in an attempt to protect him, has distanced himself from you, so have his lawyers. You have now been left alone, in a court of law, to defend yourself. [However], I understand it is not easy for someone to refer to himself or herself as stupid, when he knows too well that he or she is learned," the judge stated.

Babu released on Sh10 million bail

The legislator was later released on Sh10 million bail which will be paid up in installments.

The court further ordered Babu to stay away from public establishments that serve alcohol or narcotics until his case is determined.

Kenyans did not receive the court's ruling well as they argued that murder suspect Jowie Irungu is yet to be granted bail though he has been in custody for almost three years.


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