Cabinet approves revival of 4K Clubs in schools

Cabinet approves revival of 4K Clubs in schools

4K Club farming

The Cabinet has approved the revival of the once popular, 4K Clubs in all public and private schools in Kenya. The 4K stands for (Kuungana, Kufanya, Kusaidia Kenya) which translates to mean ‘Coming together, to Act, in order to Help Kenya.’

This is an effort by the government to ensure that students regain an interest in agriculture in their learnings.

Additionally, the adoption of agriculture seeks to promote an early interest by students in the agricultural sector aimed at improving livelihoods of Kenya.

Cabinet says that the reintroduction of the 4K Clubs seeks to usher in a new generation of techno-savvy agricultural players who will revolutionize every aspect of agriculture in Kenya.

The Ministry of Agriculture, under CS Peter Munya, expects that with the Big 4 Agenda and the Agriculture Policy will help the sector. The programme, which is spearheaded by the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Agriculture Ministry, Anne Nyaga say that the 4K Clubs will encourage crop diversification and irrigation.

"The reintroduction of the 4K clubs will see to it that all children have access to knowledge of agriculture. We will soon launch and start the implementation of the programme."

The clubs were in existence throughout the 80s and part of the early 90s. 4K club members engaged in sustainable agriculture through practical activities in their schools’ gardens.

Through this, many members acquired agricultural knowledge and could apply this to their communities. This resulted in fostering a good foundation for farming, which is key to Kenya’s economy.

Agriculture has and continues to be Kenya’s most dependable economic source. The agricultural sector contributes to 26% of Kenya's GDP and 27% through linkages with other sectors. The sector employs more than 40 per cent of the total population and more than 70 per cent of the rural population.

The sector accounts for 65% of the export earnings, and provides income for more than 80% of the Kenyan population.


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