Cardinal Njue announces 3 changes to mass as date for reopening Catholic Churches set

Catholic Churches to resume services

His Eminence Archbishop John Cardinal Njue

His Eminence John Crdinal Njue on sundy issued a statement declaring that the Catholic church in Kenya will resume its services on July 19, 2020.

Cardinal Njue's statement included strict guidelines for Catholic faithfuls to adhere to while attending the services.

The catholic church has instituted specific guidelines In addition to the government guidelines that have restricted congregations to 100 per service and age restrictions on members who can attend the services.

3 new rules for Catholic mass

In the brief, Cardinal Njue has instructed parish leaders to form a COVID-19 response team to assist with enforcement of the rules.

He has further introduced three specific rules that will apply to how the church conducts its services.

The rules are:- ensure mass takes only one hour, singing limited to liturgical action and omitting sign of peace communion rite.

"I urge you to take these guidelines seriously so that we may adequately prepare the faithful for the second phase of the reopening of our places of worship," the brief from Cardinal Njue read in part.


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