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ODM leadership exposes Joe Mwangi for taking advantage of Wendy Waeni

Outrageous request to ODM leaders by Joe Mwangi exposed

AU envoy Raila Odinga with Wendy Waeni at his office

ODM Party Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna and ODM Communications Director Philip Etale have exposed Joe Mwangi for allegedly taking advantage of young acrobat Wendy Waeni.

The two revealed that Mwangi had tried to get the ODM leadership to sign a cheque under his name that was meant for Wendy Waeni.

Sifuna stated: "One time Wendy came to Orange house and we cut a cheque for her foundation to buy some play stuff. Weeks later Joe Mwangi came asking us to change it and write the cheque in his name. I cancelled the whole thing."

Etale also revealed that Mwangi had turned down a cheque that was meant for Wendy and insisted it is written under his name.


Conning a child

"Joe Mwangi, listening to Wendy last night and having met her severally, I understand why you refused the cheque I had to be addressed in her name."

"You insisted that it should be done in your name. I asked if it could be written directly to the school, you refused. Kumbeeee," Etale said.

The debate over how young talent is exploited by people who are meant to protect and hired as managers for them erupted on social media after Wendy revealed the tough living conditions she has had to endure despite performing all over the world.


Wendy was speaking on Wednesday night at the JKL show where she and other youngsters were hosted for an interview for the exemplary work they have been doing.

Lawyers weigh in

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir joined Kenyans on social media to condemn Mwangi for subjecting Wendy and her family through such tough times.

"Wendy Waeni is a child & I trust her word... Joe Mwangi used her & her social media accounts to enrich himself... Joe exploited her innocence to get access to Presidents & powerful men," the lawyer stated.


"Joe Mwangi should be charged with international crimes of Child Slavery & Trafficking," he added.


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