How powerful lawyers are planning to protect Raila during August Election

A detailed plan of how a group of legal minds are planning to protect Odinga during the August 8 General Election.

The legal team headed by seasoned legal advisor, lawyer Paul Mwangi, has laid down an elaborate plan to ensure that there are no loop holes during the polls.

According to the strategy, Mr Mwangi is expected to establish 47 legal centres across the country.

The centres will have a team of lawyers headed by a senior counsels from the county.

Within the county, each constituency will also be required to pick a lawyer.

Members of the legal system will be the legal ears and eyes of the Opposition.

They are tasked with monitoring the activities of the IEBC returning officers and presiding officers in their respective jurisdictions as well as the activities and utterances of Jubilee campaigners in their respective stations.

Speaking to a local daily, Mr Mwangi mentioned that in case of any illegalities during the election, they will be swift to rush to the courts.

“They will be ready to rush to court and defend Raila’s rights whenever they are infringed upon,” he said.

Mwangi, who is also on N'SA;s technical team, will gather and present evidence to support the former Prime Minister in case his win is challenged at the Supreme Court.

As per the extensive plan, the legal team will not only collect evidence of election malpractices during the Election Day but also afterwards.

The advisors have vowed to ensure that Odinga’s evidence is not dismissed by the court like in 2013.


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