Nkaissery heartfelt tribute to his wife

Nkaissery who is known for his toughness showed Kenyans a rare softer side of him.


Born in November 28 1949, Nkaissery has ruffled many features and he is hated and loved in equal measure.

His critics accused him of being abrasive and inaccessible while his admires see him as the absolute man who once he makes a decision will not waiver no matter what.

It is this quality combined with his track record and military expertise having served in the army since 1973, which saw President Uhuru Kenyatta appoint him CS for Internal Security on 2 December 2014

On Tuesday, Nkaissery who is known for his toughness showed Kenyans a rare softer side of him and melted millions of heats in the process.

The Security CS while addressing women aspirants on security ahead of the general elections deeply acknowledged his wife, Hellen Nkaissery.

The CS later passed his wife’s regards and encouraged the women aspirants to brush off any grudges after the General Election.

It is easy however to see why Nkaissery paid such a glowing tribute to his wife.

The mother of four, two boys and two girls quit her teaching career as a Maths and Physics secondary school teacher to take care of her family when her husband made an entry into politics.

Unknown to many Kenyans too is that Nkaissery is a man of many faces.

“He is jovial and loves cracking jokes. He is the most humble person I have ever met.”  Hellen said in a previous interview.

The Security CS is also a strong support of women empowerment.

“He always encourages me and has really built me as a person. He will never stop at anything that would add value to my life. For instance, he supported me to attend the International Women’s Conference in 1995 in Beijing, China. He did this because he wanted me to understand global women issues and also for me to grow strong as a woman”.

“He staunch Christian and always starts his day with prayers and thereafter goes for workout. He never misses his 40 minutes exercise, no matter how tight his schedule is.”


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