The troubles Raila has brought to his family, Sister reveals

Being a relative to Raila come with its own troubles, Ruth Odinga reveals.

Ruth Odinga, who is also Kisumu Deputy Governor, claimed that the Odingas were finding it hard to get Government jobs because of their affiliation to the Opposition leader.

In a report by the Standard, Ruth noted that her relatives were also being sidelined when it came to getting elective posts.

“Why should there be protests when any member of the Odinga family runs for an elective post just because of Raila, despite our qualifications?” Ruth was quoted.

The Deputy Governor mentioned this after the chaos which erupted after her brother Oburu Odinga was declared the winner in the disputed primaries for the Bondo Parliamentary seat.

"Even when we run for elective seats, it is the people who hold the sovereign power to decide who to pick and so it may not necessarily be an automatic win as some always perceive it to be,” Ruth highlighted.

Odinga’ sister is on record warning journalist against referring to her as Raila’s sister as it was affecting her political brand.

“ The Title Raila’s Sister was mostly used by reporters long time when I was new in the public eye, but I think it is the political season and people should view me from what I have achieved rather than the title which elicits sympathy.

“I am a strong lady who has been articulating national issues without necessarily relying on my brother. I do not understand why some people must continue referring to me as Raila’s sister and not mention some of the titles I currently have,” she emphasized.


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