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Uhuru's last message to Kenyans hours to elections

This is what President Kenyatta has to say...

In his message, President Kenyatta emphasised on the need for peaceful elections even as Kenyans prepare to cast their votes tomorrow.

"Go back to your neighbour. Regardless of where he/she comes from, their tribe, their colour or their religion, your neighbour is your brother. Your neighbour is your sister. How you have voted should not in any way reflect or change the manner in which you have related to your neighbour. Shake their hand, share a meal and tell them ‘let us wait for the results’ for Kenya will be here long after this general election," he said.

The President, via his Facebook page, went on to urge Kenyans to stay united irrespective of the outcomes of the elections.


"No matter the result of this election, we must stand together as one people. Above all, we must reject intimidation. We must reject violence or any attempt to divide us."

He further told Kenyans to ensure that they stick to the guidelines in regards to the voting process.

" But my plea is that as we do so, let us do so in peace remembering as I said yesterday, that after you cast your ballot, please go home."

President Kenyatta acknowledged the need for more work to be done within the country in regards to key issues affecting the country.

"I know that many Kenyans are still struggling and we have much more work to do. But I am encouraged to see the spirit of the Kenyan people every day; the spirit of architects laying the foundation for our nation’s future prosperity- across every corner of our country. I know our forefathers would be proud of all of us as their children."


President Kenyatta will be facing off with his biggest competitor NASA's Raila Odinga for the second time for the country's top job.


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