Why we should all shamelessly cry like Jaguar

Kenyans lashed out at Starehe parliamentary aspirant for crying in public like baby


Grown up men and women hurl insults at each other, some physically fought, others decided to proclaim themselves outright winners by counting votes in thickets, in short it was every man for himself and God for us all.

One incident however stood out like a hot climax of an overrated Mexican Telenova soap opera.

The picture of Kigeugeu singer turned politician, Charles Kanyi alias Jaguar shamelessly sobbing in public after clinching the Jubilee party ticket for Starehe parliamentary seat only to be told by the Jubilee party to reach an agreement with his main rival, the incumbent Maina Kamanda.

Within minutes of the clip being shared on social media, memes popped up mocking wounded Jaguar, Kenyans lashed out calling him a cry baby who should quit politics after all if the heat is too much get out of the kitchen right?

Anyway here is why we should all be like Jaguar and shamelessly cry ourselves silly to life little victories.

Crying makes you Healthy.

Health experts’ across the globe agree on one thing, crying is healthy and healing. Whenever things get too thick doctors recommend full dose of tears, let it out man, cry like a river to a whole new healthy you.

Crying releases all bent up emotions and pain inside you and typically, after crying, our breathing, and heart rate decrease, and we enter into a calmer biological and emotional state.

I bet Jaguar went home that night a few pounds lighter and slept like a baby only to wake up in the morning to be declared the Starehe MP

Crying makes you attractive.

When a man cries it shows he is vulnerable, it shows he is human and therefore appears even more attractive.

Tears is rare on a man, okay on Kenyan men so when you see a Kenyan man shedding a few that is cause for celebration, Haki baba nanaii wacha itoke #CheersBaba.

Ruby* swears she now sees Jaguar in a new whole light after the heart touching sobbing incident, he had always dismissed the singer as just another musician but after singing him cry live on TV he now craves to see him, furthermore his mellow songs makes more sense now.

Crying is caring

There is no debating about this, if you genuinely care about something then you have your heart there and when that valuable thing is snatched from you, you feel like your heart has been shredded to pieces because you care.

Just like people uncontrollably sob while grieving, after losing a job, after getting a promotion etc. why because they care.

If a man loves something passionately, if a man cares for something genuinely then he must cry, and like cry a river while at it because he cares.

Ladies! if you husband or boyfriend has never cried because of you then pack up your bags and leave, you are in love with yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you cry in public or inside a toilet, it doesn’t matter if you cry like a wounded lion, cry like a baby or even merely whimper in silence with tears freely  flowing, all matters is you have cried and you have had a good long cry good.

By sobbing shamelessly Jaguar undoubtedly proofed that he cared about the residents of Starehe, he showed he cared about youth women and  even old men like Kamanda and for that he deserves my … well my attention.

Sniff.. sniff.. sniff..


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