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Ezekiel Mutua saves Consolata School Boy from Police

Mutua stops DCI

Dr Ezekiel Mutua is the Chief Executive Officer of KFCB

Kenyan moral police Ezekiel Mutua has intervened in the case of the Consolata School pupil whose videos went viral after using obscene words.

Speaking on Thursday in Mombasa, Mr Mutua opined that investigations would not help the child who disclosed he had been bullied.

Mr Mutua said that the child, who is a minor, would suffer if he would be interrogated by police in the matter which has seen the Education Ministry and DCI intervene.

"The approach of the police was to have an interrogation but we have said no. This is a minor and he needs protection first and foremost," Mutua said.


The KFCB CEO stated that he had been in touch with the parents of the child and the boy was undergoing counselling.

Blame rotten society

He pointed a finger at the Kenyan society which he opined was immoral and the effects were trickling down to the young generation.

"He is a reflection of the rot in our society and the damage that bad content is doing to our children," Mr Mutua said.


"I think that video is a wake-up call to the damage and pervasiveness of immoral and dirty content if you look at the words he is using," he added.

The video of the Consolata School pupil hurling unprintable insults at a schoolmate for allegedly calling him gay caused an uproar on social media.

Detectives from the Children’s Department pitched camp at the School on Tuesday to establish what led the pupil to post the video threatening a schoolmate.


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