Duale weighs in on debate to postpone 2022 General Election

Aden Duale speaks out

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale summoned by DCI over donation of expired food to Najah Children's Home in Garissa

Garissa Township Member of Parliament (MP) Aden Duale has weighed in on a discussion to postpone the 2022 General Election.

In a series of tweets through his verified handle, the former Majority Leader explained that the Constitution does not allow for such a postponement.

While quoting specific clauses of the Constitution, Duale insisted that those proposing a postponement are mistaken.

"Articles 101(1), 136, 177 and 180 of the Constitution sets the date of the election for Members of Parliament, the President, Members of County Assemblies and the Governors as second Tuesday, August - every fifth year.

"Now it's just a bluff that one can ignore this date and peddle rumours or even insinuate that we postpone elections. It's not possible, not feasible and not tenable with these clear provisions of the constitution," Duale explained.

Parliament's term cannot be extended

The vocal MP went on to explain that the 12th Parliament's term cannot be extended, even for a day.

He added that for such a scenario to take place, multiple sections of the law will have to be amended or altogether deleted.

Duale added that it would take a war for there to be any sort of cancellation or postponement.

"Indeed, these provisions are also tied to our term of offices as elected representatives which is five years and not even one day more. You may need to overhaul and negate several provisions of the constitution to change the date.

"Now like I have submitted before should one wish to even argue that you can extend the term of Parliament again this can only be in case Kenya is at war as envisaged under Article 102(2). We are not at war. To this end, call it a bluff any debate you hear that we can postpone elections or otherwise extend the term of Parliament. It is just a bluff and kwa lugha ya mtaani you can call it 'vioja mahakamani au sarakasi tu!'," he stated.


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