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Give us a break and leave Jubilee Party alone - DP Ruto on claims of being kicked out of Jubilee

This is the works of political rejects and conmen- DP Ruto

DP William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has fired back at Daily Nation after they ran a story insinuating that he is being kicked out of the Jubilee Party.

In a tweet, the DP mentioned that President Uhuru Kenyatta cannot be part of fraudulent and illegal changes made in the party.

He pointed out that it was the work of political rejects and conmen whose party allegiance is already elsewhere.

“The President & party leader of JP did NOT and CANNOT be party to any FRAUDULENT and ILLEGAL changes to officials of our party. This is the works of political rejects,conmen & fraudsters who's party allegiance is already elsewhere. They should give us a break and leave JP alone,” read the DP’s tweet.


On Sunday, Daily Nation covered the ongoing wrangles in Jubilee Party with a bold headline that reads; "Edged Out.

Give up the fight Bill. The party he helped launch is ruthlessly being snatched from him and as William Ruto fights to reclaim it he appears to be piling more problems upon himself. Now the Deputy President and deputy leader of Jubilee is an outsider in his own party,” reads part of the Daily nation article.

Changes in National Management Committee


DP Ruto’s comment comes at a time Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju had stamped his authority on the changes made in the Jubilee Party, saying they were endorsed by the Party Leader (President Uhuru Kenyatta).

Tuju stated that the changes were effected after a number of officials from the Jubilee Party landed government Jobs.

“The changes were effected after a number of officials landed jobs in Government. The letter to make the changes was written on 23rd March and noise around the reply by the registrar is unwarranted,” said Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju.

On Friday, DP Ruto protested changes made in Jubilee Party’s National Management Committee (NMC) saying that the changes are fraudulent.


As Kenyans are focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, some shadowy characters are attempting to FRAUDULENTLY institute ILLEGAL changes in officials of Jubilee party. As deputy leader I have alerted the registrar of the fraud. Party members should know that the matter is being handled,” said DP Ruto.


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