The government has reopened Huduma Namba registration.

This will allow Kenyans who missed out in the last exercise get the crucial document.

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, on Thursday said that the state will have two clerks in every sub-location to oversee the exercise.

The Interior Ministry proposed a bill that will lock out individuals without Huduma Namba from getting healthcare services and participating in the country’s election among other essential services.

According to the proposal, any Kenyan without the Huduma Namba will not be issued with a passport, apply for a driving licence or even register their mobile phone number.

Government Spokesman Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna
Government Spokesman Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna

Tough conditions

Kenyans will also not be allowed to register as voters, pay taxes, transact in the financial markets, open a bank account and register a company or a public benefit organization without a Huduma Namba.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi put out an announcement calling for public participation over the proposals.

If Parliament adopts the proposal buying land will not be possible if one has not been registered for Huduma Namba and neither will any Kenyan without the number benefit from the government housing scheme.

Getting a marriage certificate will be a nightmare and so will registration to enrol into a public education institution in the country.

Kenyans queuing to register for Huduma Namba
Kenyans queuing to register for Huduma Namba

Crucial government services

The number will be a must-show for Kenyans seeking services from government agencies, for instance, social protection services and register or transfer of a vehicle.

Stiff penalties have also been proposed for anyone caught transacting government services without Huduma Namba.

An individual will be jailed for one year or pay a fine of Ksh1 million if caught transacting without Huduma Namba.

Unlawful production of the document will see one spend three years behind bars or Ksh3 million fine.