Isaac Mwaura suffers financial losses after ejection from Senate

Isaac Mwaura has lost the heavy packages that come with being a Senator

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura mistaken for Al Shabaab by US Secret Service

After being ejected from the Senate Isaac Mwaura is going to lose his hefty gross salary of Sh710,000 every month as well as other allowances and benefits that senators are awarded.

Mwaura will also lose the controversial Sh250,000 monthly housing allowance as well as mileage allowance given because they are not accorded government vehicles.

The politician will also bid goodbye to the Sh5,000 sitting allowance which usually translates to Sh240,000 monthly, for six sessions every week.

Mwaura will have to foot his own hospital bills or take up NHIF or a private health cover because he will no longer access the Sh10 million inpatient scheme, Sh300,000 for outpatient, Sh150,000 for maternity and Sh75,000 for dental.

The politician’s exit from the Senate will also result in the loss of jobs for his office team which include researchers and office assistants.

Senators are also entitled to a Sh5 million car grant, a Sh7 million car loan and Sh20 million mortgage facility that is repayable at the end of their five-year term or if one loses their seat.

This is the reason many former MPs and Senators lobby for government appointments after losing their seats in order to service debts and maintain their lifestyle.


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