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Former MP vows to 'Heshimu Raia' as he gears to reclaim his seat

Former Cherangany MP, Joshua Kutuny now claims to have learnt his lesson of respecting the ordinary Wananchi who he says are his bosses.


The life has you knew it comes to an abrupt end, it is no wonder former politicians are willing to do anything from visiting sorcerous to sacrifice their loved one if only to get a taster of the lives they used to enjoy with abandon.

Former Cherangany Member of Parliament, Joshua Kutuny knows this too well, after losing his parliamentary seat to a political greenhorn, Boston marathon champion, Wesley Korir  in the March 4, 2013, general election he knows too well how  life without power tastes like.

Kutuny who was appointed by president Uhuru Kenyatta as his political advisor, now  claims he has learnt his lesson and from now on just like Trump policy ‘America first’ it will be ‘the people first.


Not ever wanting to get sidetracked by politics and national issues happening in the country by the minute, he has embraced a new slogan.

Kutuny unveiled his 2017 campaign slogan: Heshimu Raia! Which translate to people first.

“in 2013 I played the national league until my own backyard was  taken away from me, but I was lucky president Kenyatta gave me a pie in his government. However this time round I will play the local league”

The former lawmaker say the slogan is part of the lessons he has learned in politics that of respecting the ordinary Wananchi who he says are his bosses.

Kutuny who is now a tad wiser has already kicked off a meet-the-people tour in his constituency.


He also announced that he will resign from office of the President this month to continue with his political ambitions.

Kutuny has exuded confidence that he will reclaim the Cherangany parliamentary seat come 2017.


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