Public protest after DP Ruto’s Weston Hotel treated as special, spared demolition

Outrage as details of the deal that saved DP Ruto’s Weston Hotel from demolitions emerge

File image of Weston Hotel.

Kenyans have reacted with outrage after it emerged that DP Ruto’s Weston Hotel was accorded special treatment and will not be demolished despite being erected on an illegally acquired public land.

Taking to social media to vent out, many termed the ongoing fight against corruption a charade and demanding for justice after the National Lands Commission admitted that although Weston hotel sits on an illegally acquired public land, its Title Deed would be regularized after paying the current market value for the land.

Simonpeter Murimi took issues with DP Ruto’s commitment to fighting corruption and his participation in the yesterday’s Anti- corruption conference, writing: “Strange that the DP is on the podium as a speaker in the ongoing Anti-Corruption Conference yet, he has refused to relinquish Weston Hotel land. This is a mockery and an insult. #TuangamizeUfisadi”.

Others took a swipe at government’s war against corruption, challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration to walk the talk and bring down Weston Hotel after it was established that it sits on an illegally acquired public land, just like it did to Taj Mall, Ukay mall and other buildings.

A section of netizens alleged a selective application of Justice, claiming that the politically connected are above the law and are spared while others are met with the brutal force of the law as the owners of Taj Mall, Southend mall and Ukay mall saw after they were visited by the green SANY bulldozer that became the symbol of demolitions in Nairobi.


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