Kenyans react after Boniface Mwangi claimed that Chris Kirubi threatened him

"You know l won't sue you but l can harm you"-Boniface's claims

Kenyans react after Boniface Mwangi claimed that Chris Kirubi threatened him

Activist Boniface Mwangi has raised eyebrows after coming out with allegations that the late Chris Kirubi once threatened him after seeking a meeting with him.

The prominent activist claims that he met Kirubi through a mutual friend after requesting an audience with the businessman.

Boniface resurfaced a website he ran in 2012-2013, Mavulture, saying that Kirubi knew that the website published stories of ‘powerful crooks’ and alleges the latter said to him, “You know l won't sue you but l can harm you".

In 2012-2013 @Pawa254 was running a website called Mavulture. We used to publish stories of powerful crooks. We did a story on Chris Kirubi and he requested for a meeting through a mutual friend. When we met, he threatened me, he said "You know l won't sue you but l can harm you".


The website was established in 2012/13 which linked high-ranking Kenyan politicians to allegations of corruption, money laundering, land grabbing, drug-trafficking and murder.

Boniface had started the website after the violent aftermath of the 2007 presidential elections, aiming to bring to light the wrongdoings of Kenya’s political class.

The website featured numerous politicians including President Uhuru Kenyatta.

We’re going to put online the records of every person involved in the government, every corruption case they’ve been in, and every accusation about them, So when you go to vote you’ll have this platform to have an informed perspective. We have grand-scale corruption in this country, and the same guys involved in the corruption have been for the past 49 years. So we can compare them and us. When they say, ‘we are together’, we will see that we are not together. Our kids don’t go to foreign schools, and we don’t have villas in the United Kingdom,” said Boniface in an interview with Inter Press News Agency at the time.

The activist says they stopped publishing under Mavulture after they received too many threats, purportedly from those in power.

Online Reaction

Boniface’s recent allegations against Kirubi has seen him receive different reactions from Kenyans online.

Some say he is true to his words while others labelled him a ‘hater.’

To those doubting, Boniface says, “We created so many enemies by the stories we published, received so many threats, and we decided to fold the website. No regrets. Kenyans mistake truth for hate and love those who steal from them.


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