Reactions as Kenyans reject KWS explanation on how Osprey bird died

The guys at KWS clinic fed Osprey ugali - Kenyans react

Kenyans react to KWS announcement on death of Osprey bird that flew from Finland

Kenyans reacted with humour and speculation following an announcement by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) that the rare Osprey bird which flew from Finland had died.

KWS had issued a comprehensive official statement on the matter outlining that it had died of starvation.

"By the time the bird was delivered to the city, it had been severely dehydrated, weak and emaciated from the flight and minor injuries while trapped in the fishing net.

"A post-mortem examination report conducted by veterinary teams attributed the death to long term starvation which precipitated systemic organ failure," the brief from KWS read in part.

Reactions from Kenyans

Wildlife conservationist Dr Paula Kahumbu faulted the Authorities on how the rare bird was handled.

"Given the lack of caution by state agencies responsible for wildlife conservation on threats to Vultures at nearby Hells Gate Park I am personally not in the least surprised that the Osprey died," she stated.

Controversial blogger Robert Alai remarked: "With corruption in Kenya, KWS probably asked the Osprey for money before letting her free. Now she's dead. On a serious note, why wasn't it just treated and released immediately? You killed Rhinos and now killed a poor bird for no genuine reason."

One Victor Oduor reasoned: "The guys at kws clinic fed Osprey ugali and this was fish eating bird. The irony in our country contagious."


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