Date for General Election could change after Today’s decision

Is this a good proposal?

The House endorsed a constitutional amendment to move the polls to the third Monday of December of every 5-year election cycle.

According to the law, elections should be conducted on the second Tuesday of August every five years.

This follows a Bill proposed by Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa who argued that the current dates affect school calendar.

Mr. Wamalwa made the proposal in March last year. He mentioned that in the case of a run-off, the current election dates also affect the national examination dates.

"The current date unduly disrupts the education calendar, and most importantly, the conduction of national examinations in case of either a fresh election, a run-off or an invalidation of a presidential election," Wamalwa said.

The Bill will now be tabled in Parliament where the legislators are expected to debate over the matter.

The change in election dates means that leaders will serve for  an additional 4 months and Kenyans will bear the burden of paying their salaries.


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