Former DCI Boss Ndegwa Muhoro reveals the cause of his beef with lawyer Ahmednassir

This comes days after the Senior Counsel said he would take action against Muhoro

“Ahmednassir has wanted several things to go his way but I declined, for example a case in Spring Valley over a piece of land. He also wanted me to influence the direction of a matter involving two white people in Milimani. I must confess he approached me but it told him it was all about facts and nothing else. Lastly, the stroke that broke the camel's back is the Tatu City,” said Muhoro.


This comes after Ahmednassir wrote to Parliament a report explaining why Mr. Muhoro was unfit to be the Kenyan Ambassador to Malaysia, following his appointment by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Today I forwarded to parliament a compelling dossier on why former CID Director Muhoro is unfit to be our Ambassador of Malaysia. I will forward the same to both the office of PM & foreign minister of Malaysia by Friday. If parliament fails to consider it, I will file a suit,” he said in a tweet.


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