Nation journalist jumps out of a speeding vehicle after horrific abduction

NAtion journalist narrates horrific incident after abduction

Barrack Oduor was kidnapped in Rongo town Migori County after a scheduled meeting with Governor Okoth Obado's personal assistant who wanted to give him a tip-off for a corruption scandal.

In a report by the Nation, Oduor is said to have waited for Michael Oyamo (the Governor’s PA) for almost one hour in a hotel.

"The governor’s personal assistant called a lady called Sharon who was going to be part of the meeting. We were to meet for the tip-off in Rodi Kopany township (in Homa Bay) but changed the venue of the meeting to a hotel in Rongo town, Migori County," he was quoted by the Nation.

When Oyamo showed up for the meeting at the hotel he insisted that they change the venue claiming that the hotel was no longer conducive.

The PA directed the journalist and the lady only identified as Sharon to proceed to a car parked outside that would take them to the meeting place.

After driving for a few minutes they were stopped by unidentified men.

“We were ordered to switch off our phone and hand them over to one of the men in the vehicle. The abductors also took my wallet, staff ID and sh2000 that was in my pocket,” he told the Nation.

Mr. Oduor realized he was in danger when one of the men turned violent and started to strangle him repeatedly as they drove towards Kisumu.

At this moment the reporter knew he had to fight to stay alive. He kicked the door of the moving car and threw himself outside. He sustained serious injuries on his knees, palms the back and elbows.

Odour divulged that the men tried to chase him but he managed to get help from a Good Samaritan who took him to a police post to record a statement.

He is currently admitted at a Kisumu hospital.


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