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Brenda Kawira’s family reveals details of her last fight with lover before death

The family also dismissed the account by police as well as the deceased's boyfriend that she committed suicide

The late Brenda Kawira

The family of the late Brenda Kawira who died in Kasarani has revealed details of her troubled relationship and the last fight she had with her lover, Marvin before jumping from the balcony of her house to her death.

In an interview with You Tuber Lynn Ngugi, Brenda’s mother, Catherine Gakii confirmed that the family suspects foul play and is not convinced that she committed suicide.

Lifting the lid on the deceased’s life, the grieving mother alleged that Kawira funded her boyfriend’s lifestyle and had plans of relocating to Australia with him.

Kawira had secured a scholarship and the pair was to get married before relocating to Australia Marvin’s father catering for his travel.


Recounting their first meeting, the deceased mother narrated that she warmly welcomed him and shared them to call her if they have relationship problems with the pair promising to do so.

"At least they seemed fine. I told them I'll always be there for them, in case of any problems, and they should not mask it till it grows big. He was just quiet all through, After I was done they acknowledged all that I had told them." She recounted.

She kept in touch with them until when she was called by Bridget (one of her children) who explained that Marvin had called to let her know that they were going through a rough patch in their relationship.

She went to find out after being told that Brenda had fallen off the stairs but she was ok.


Marvin would later tell her that they on the day that Brenda died and she wanted to go to Meru.

He stopped her from leaving as late and it is at this point that she stormed to the balcony after throwing her phone on the couch.

He thought she was getting some fresh air and went to the bedroom but was startled by a thud shortly afterwards.

He made his way to the sitting room where Brenda was missing and upon checking from the balcony, he saw Brenda’s body sprawled on the ground with someone walking around.


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