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Lavish wedding ruined after fight erupts among guests [Photos & Video]

Kenyans have sympathised with the couple after guests ruined the wedding by throwing food, utensils, and glassware at one other.

Chaos erupts during lavish wedding in Mombasa

A lavish traditional wedding ceremony recently held in Mombasa's Mvita constituency turned chaotic after a fight broke out among some of the guests.

Credible sources said that at the time the fight broke out, the couple getting married had not arrived at the reception venue where the chaos erupted.

Videos of the scuffle were shared on social media, showing guests throwing food, utensils, and bottles at each other.


One video, in particular, shows a lady hurtling a glassware aimed at another of the guests.

The victim was struck in her head as the glass shattered, prompting those near her to take cover.

In the videos, the injured woman can be seen scampering for safety as blood tricked down her face and on her dress.

Well-wishers helped escort her to safety for first aid treatment as other baffled guests looked on.


It is not yet clear what prompted the chaos, but footage obtained before the fight shows the injured woman putting food from her plate into her bag.

The incident has also sparked debate on social media, with many speculating over the cause of the fight.

Others commented that the incident serves as an indicator to only invite a few close people at weddings, to reduce the chances of embarrassing encounters.

A section of netizens also sympathised with the couple who had planned the wedding.

Watch the videos in the Tweet below:


They really have no respect for the bride and groom. I would make them pay for a wedding pro max,” Cynthia said.

Poor bride and groom, you have become the talk of the town for fighting champs,” Godwin opined.

Imagine eagerly waiting and looking forward to your big day only for such a thing to happen,” added Abdulaziz Mahmud.


Wah fighting in someone’s wedding? Y’all will have to fund a new one the following day,” Beth Kasinga shared her remarks.

Mkianza vita at my wedding, either niwafukuze wote ama nitoke na my person na disappear and never to talk to y'all,” Colins Kones stated.

You ruin my big day like this I promise I will come for each and every single one of you,” Judy said.

Some Kenyans on Twitter have also called for the guests involved in the altercation to be held accountable for their actions.


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