Kenyans warned of Fake condoms in the market

Be Warned

The notion has surfaced following advertisements in one of the local dailies by the distributor of Trust condom brand; Population Services Kenya (PSK).

The commercials have continuously admonished shoppers to check out the front face of a pack of Trust Studded to certify that it has a triple tested icon on the bottom left side and a white stripe with pack content.

The company has objectively picked ‘trust studded’ product and warned Kenyans to be sure they are purchasing genuine products.

“With Trust Studded condoms, you get high quality, value condoms that you can rely on,” this according to the PS advert, adding that Kenyans should look out for marks of quality on their packs to ensure they are purchasing authentic Trust packs.

They’ve also notified buyers to confirm the name “Studded” appears in bold specifically placed in the Centre of the pack. It should as well have the Population service contact details.

The Kenyan market has been faced with the challenge of counterfeits for a long time prompting the formation of KAM Anti Counterfeit Subcommittee.

Durex, another condom brand faced the same challenge. They were sold on an online website but they were later recalled.

“The bogus condoms use cheaper materials and could increase the risk of users passing on STIs or lead to unwanted pregnancies”, family planning experts have warned.


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