Economist and former National Super Alliance (NASA) strategist David Ndii has said that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has become an enabler of counter-reform and a threat to constitutional democracy in Kenya.

He went on to state that the ODM leader has become a champion for tribal groups to lead the country, and he should not be treated any different from those he has teamed up with.

Ndii mentioned that Raila and his allies are eating with their mouths open and throwing it up on Kenyans.

Raila and his cows are eating with their mouths open and vomiting on our shoes. He has become an enabler of counter-reform, a threat to our nascent constitutional democracy, a promoter of tribal oligarchy. Why should he be treated differently from those he has joined?” said David Ndii in a tweet.

His words were in response to a twitter user by the name Abraham Lincoln said that he had turned to abusing the former Premier because he teamed up with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He further said that Ndii was not different from the politicians he claims to castigate.

You now open a new page of insulting Raila, on daily basis till he parts ways with Uhuru. We care less. You are not different from these politicians, in fact you are worse than Jayden,” said Abraham.