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Gachagua: Why Ruto & I will never be outside Kenya at the same time again

DP Gachagua also opened up on his friendship with Ruto, revealing that it spans over 20 years and extends beyond the presidency

File image of President William Ruto and DP Rigathi Gachagua at the Kakamega State Lodge during a visit to Western Kenya on August 30, 2023.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asserted that never again will President William Ruto and himself be outside the country on foreign travel at the same time.

The DP who was speaking on Friday, during the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) women's congress revealed that some people who they left behind during their recent travel had misbehaved, prompting the President and the DP to reach an agreement on how future travel will be coordinated.

"You want me to be in charge (when Ruto is away). There was a time when we were abroad, and the people we left behind misbehaved.” Gachagua stated.

He revealed that in the wake of the development which happened last month, at no point will they be outside the country at the same time.


“We have now agreed that when he has travelled on a foreign tour, I remain in the country, and when he returns, I leave. And there is no problem," he added.

Ruto shining on the international stage and claims of instability in government

The second-in-command noted that the President will leave him firmly in charge whenever he travels, and assured all that the Kenya Kwanza government is very stable.

"Don't worry, CS Aisha Jumwa (Gender CS who raised concerns on the stability of the government). The government under President William Ruto is very stable. And there can never be any division or conflict. That is a creation of people who are still living in denial.


"There are many people who gave President Ruto no chance. They are now envious that he is succeeding. He has become a darling of the international community. He is progressing in the economic transformation of this republic. So they want to imagine that there can be a problem. There will be none," Gachagua added, declaring that nothing can come between him and the president.

Last month, both the president and his deputy were outside the country when fuel prices increased significantly.

Amid public protest, senior government officials such engaged the public on social media

Upon his return to the country, Gachagua swiftly reprimanded government officials, urging them to exercise caution in their interactions with citizens and to adhere to the government's official position on key matters.

“I would like to urge all of us who were given the privilege to serve, to do so with passion and commitment for the Kenyan people and for the African people.


"Again as I said on Sunday, those of us who have been given the privilege to serve to do so with humility. Have empathy with the people you take care of,” he said during the 36th General Conference of the International Scientific Council of the Trypanosomiasis Research and Control.

Friendship with Ruto for over 20 years

Responding to the scrutiny that his relationship with the Head of State that has been in focus in recent days amid claims of a fallout, Gachagua noted that their friendship spans over 20 years and extends beyond the presidency.


"President William Ruto and I have been friends for over 20 years. Our friendship surpasses the presidency.

"Prophets of doom cannot create a wedge in this government," the DP stated.

While the president has maintained that no region will be discriminated against based on political affiliation when it comes to development, his deputy has maintained that the Kenya Kwanza government is a shareholding entity and the interests of those who propelled it to power must be considered first, with Gachagua vowing to push their shareholding to 60%.


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