Ruto's Debt is scheduled to be paid in 2032 – Mutahi Ngunyi explains

Be patient - Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has insisted that Kikuyu’s have political debts to pay, and that Deputy President William Ruto’s will be paid in the year 2032.

Taking to twitter, Ngunyi explained that Jaramogi Oginga Odinga made Mzee Jomo Kenyatta president of Kenya in 1962, and in 2002, his son Raila Odinga made former President Mwai Kibaki the Head of State.

He went on to state that if Jaramogi was a live today, he would be the first one to be paid, but since he passed, ODM leader Raila Odinga is second in line, and his debt will be paid in 2022.

The Professor of Political studies who has been a fierce critic of the way DP Ruto has been conducting himself, as he looks to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta asked that he be patient and wait for his time.

Kikuyus HAVE a DEBT to pay. In 1962, Jaramogi created the JOMO Presidency. Then Raila MADE Kibaki President in 2002. If Jaramogi was ALIVE, we would have PAID his DEBT first. SECOND in LINE for DEBT payment is RAILA in 2022. Ruto's DEBT is scheduled to be PAID in 2032. Be Patient,” said Mutahi Ngunyi.

His words aroused a myriad of mixed reactions, some supporting his sentiments, while other said they would not be held liable for other people’s debts;

@muriusnr Let those kikuyus who promised jaramogi pay in their graves. The current ones know of Rutos debt. We dont pay what we don't know.

@MachariaGaitho I cannot be held responsible for somebody else's debts. Those debts, if any, are owed by Kenyatta I, Kibaki and Kenyatta II, and maybe their immediate families.

@Dmarigiri_ Ruto will NEVER rule Kenya. A president should be impartial, less religious and not so emotional. He should stop wasting resources for unseen thing.

@kipronoabraham1 Are you telling us that the entire Akikuyu nation should be paying debts for individuals? Jomo Kenyatta was the president, not Kikuyu nation. Kibaki same, Uhuru is also the president, not kikuyus. Stop tribal bigotry my friend.

@MiregwaThomas @Sam_Lulli utasema nini hapa? Watu waambiwe ukweli mapema, Messenger has spoken.

@fgatimu Are we Kenyatta.... ? Kibaki is still alive.... @RailaOdinga had an MOU with Kibaki not kikuyus.... His late father..may his soul rest in peace... He made Mzee Jomo a president... But not kikuyus... Stop tribalism... We hate it...

@CyrusKublai This time we are not in ethnic transactional politics which benefit ethnic kingpins, their relathieves, sycophants, court jesters, concubines, mistresses etc Prof. We are in politics that will prioritize on the currently voiceless and excluded masses.


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