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Haiti gang leader 'Barbecue' sets condition to cooperate with Kenyan police

Kenya plans to deploy 1,000 police officers to Haiti

Haitian gang leader Jimmy Chérizier, alias 'Barbecue'

Dreaded Haitian gang leader Jimmy Chérizier, alias 'Barbecue' has declared his position on the planned deployment of 1000 Kenyan police officers to the war-torn Caribbean with a stern warning.

'Barbecue’ noted that any external forces, included the planned deployment of 1,000 police officers to Haiti to restore security will be met with fierce aggression.

He added that the external forces will be perceived as 'invaders' who pose a threat to the lives of innocent Haitians.

"If the Kenyan military or police come, whatsoever, I will consider them, aggressors. We will consider them as invaders and we do not have to collaborate with any invaders that have come to walk over our independence,” the gang leader stated in an interview with Sky News on Friday.


According to 'Barbecue’, peacekeeping troops will only worsen the situation as they are not familiar with the intricate context of the rivalry behind the wave of violence and insecurity in the country.

The result in his view, would be a massacre in which casualties would also include innocent civilians.

Condition to cooperate with Kenyan police and international bodies


The gang leader claimed Kenyan police and international bodies have a perception that they will be fighting armed gangs and bandits, leaving little room for the gangs to cooperate engage through dialogue in finding an amicable solution.

He explained that the gangs could only cooperate in finding an amicable solution if the plight of the people is put first and all rival parties engage at the same level.

According to the United Nations, Haiti will require up to 5,000 police officers to effectively combat and dismantle the deadly gangs behind the wave of insecurity and violence in the country.


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