Former CJ Willy Mutunga explains why he will never want to be President of Kenya

Willy Mutunga spoke when he appeared on #JKLive

Former CJ Willy Mutunga explains why he will never want to be President of Kenya

Former Chief Justice of Kenya Dr. Willy Mutunga has explained why he would never want to be President of Kenya, stating that he does not have the energy.

Speaking when he appeared on #JKLive, Mutunga said he wouldn’t want to be, even if he was handed the position, and people should not forget he has been a President of the Supreme Court before.

Would you run for office?” asked Jeff Koinange.

No. I don’t have the energy and don’t forget I’ve been President also of the Supreme Court,” responded the former CJ.

Jeff Koinange went ahead to ask if he would still turn down the offer, even if it came from the ‘big five’ referring to the top five political players in the country, to which Mutunga said he would.

Willy Mutunga explained that he still wouldn’t accept the offer because he will become an extension of other people, and will be forced to do things as they want and he will not be able to keep the promise he made to the people.

I wouldn’t accept it because its not organic and you just become an appendage of other forces and you don’t keep those promises and so forth. They have to keep the promises themselves,” said CJ Mutunga.

During the Wednesday night interview, the former Chief Justice noted that through his friends, he had been informed that the Hustler Movement was gaining ground, but politicians are one and the same, and have mastered the art of creating diversionary tactics.

"I have not done much research on this (Hustlers-Dynasties) but I know and I’ve said it before that politicians are geniuses in creating diversionary narratives. A lot of people I talk to say the hustler narrative is gaining ground," said Dr. Willy Mutunga.


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