Kenyan girl given Sh4 Million after police stripped her

The girl was allegedly among 44 students involved in a bus orgy

In the case presided over by Judge John Mativo, it was ruled that the officers who forced her to strip naked violated her dignity right to privacy and the Children’s Act.

The incident came to light two years ago when police on the Karatina-Nairobi road intercepted a matatu in which the students from different schools were traveling home.

It was discovered that the students were drunk and had been having sex and smoking bhang on the bus. They were apprehended and taken to the nearest police station where they were searched by police officers.

The girls were searched by female officers who asked them to remove their clothes.

The officers then took photos of the girl and shared them on social media. This act angered the public with Independent Medico-Legal Unit moving in to demand action be taken against the officers.

The lobby’s executive director, Mr. Peter Kiama wrote Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) demanding for thorough investigations to be launched.

“We call upon your office to thoroughly investigate the misconduct with a view to instituting both disciplinary and criminal proceedings against the police officers involved,” the letter read.


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