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How I operate trucks as a person of short stature in the U.S. - Katuosis

Former K24 actor Joakim Mwangi alias Katuosis The Truck Guy celebrates 1 million milestone on TikTok

Joakim Mwangi is a 35-year-old truck driver in the United States who is making waves on TikTok as Katuosis The Truck Guy.

Joakim Mwangi is a Kenyan truck driver in the United States who is making waves on TikTok as 'Katuosis The Truck Guy'.

Joakim adopted his nickname Katuosis from his acting days in 'Jungu Kuu' which used to air on K24.

He has since moved to the U.S. where he has been operating heavy trucks and taking his fans along through his videos on TikTok which hit 1 million likes on June 30.


Katuosis has served as the president Short Stature Society of Kenya and the Little People of Africa Foundation.

In one of his videos, she demonstrates how he is able to drive his truck despite his short stature.

He has faced many challenges in his life due to his condition, but he has not let it hold him back.

Growing up, Joakim noticed that he was much shorter than his classmates, but his grandmother reassured him that there was nothing to worry about.


She encouraged him to figure out how to do things on his own, no matter how challenging they were. This attitude helped Joackim to become independent and self-reliant.

After completing secondary school, Joackim received a scholarship to study media, sponsored by Focus Youth Initiative, a community-based organization in Ruiru.

In 2013, Joackim and his three friends formed the Short Stature Society of Kenya to advocate for the rights of people with dwarfism in Kenya. The organization now has over 1,000 registered members across the country.


Joakim is comfortable with his height, but he wishes that people would not stare or sympathize with him, as he does not require it.

He believes that people should celebrate their uniqueness and not let society's definition of beauty affect their self-esteem.

Joackim's story is an inspiration to many people who face challenges due to their physical appearance. He has shown that with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals, regardless of their height or other physical attributes.



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