Jowie moves to Court

This comes a few days after he wrote to the JSC

Jowie moves to Court

Reports indicate that Jowie on Wednesday filed a petition to have Judge Wakiaga rescue himself from the murder case over his conduct.

According to is lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Sam Nyaberi, the Judge showed biasness in his bail ruling.

In a report by Citizen Digital, Irungu in his petition expressed worry that he would not get fair trial in the court because of the words Justice Wakiaga used to refer to him in his bail ruling.

He went on to say that the judge exhibited lack of independence, impartiality and equality which is required of a judicial officer.

Letter to the JSC

Jowie’s move comes barely a week after he wrote to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) asking it to take action against Justice James Wakiaga for branding him "a Woman-eater”

Jowie's cutting letter further accused the Judge of degrading all women to mere objects.

"By describing me as a woman-eater, the judge abused his position and compounded the female gender to be nothing less than items to be eaten which is quite foul, degrading coming from a sitting judge," Jowie's letter read in part.

The prime suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani also asked JSC to compel Justice Wakiaga to recuse himself from the case and also demanded that the judge be altogether removed from the High Court.


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