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Khalwale in another dramatic clash with Governor Fernandes Barasa in Kakamega

The tension was palpable as the two leaders avoided eye contact despite sitting next to each with Khalwale tiling to give Barasa his back

Khalwale in another dramatic clash with Governor Fernandes Barasa in Kakamega

Drama ensued in Kakamega as Governor Fernandes Barasa and Senator Boni Khalwale clashed in public.

The pair met at a funeral in Lubao and the tension was palpable before it all came down in an ugly exchange of words as the two leaders clashed over the management of the county.

So tense was the situation that the two leaders refused to face see each other.

Despite sitting next to each other, the duo had stern looks with Khalwale giving Barasa his back literally and looking away.


As opposed to previous incidences where the pair differed in opinions and expressed the same in words, this time their actions spoke louder than the words which left no doubt that.

Khalwale noted that the governor should implement projects across the county without sidelining any region, noting that when the next election comes, he (Governor Barasa) will definitely have a rival.

"I want to encourage you, governor. Remove your focus from the politics of 2027. 2027 will come and you will have an opponent. Be it Rose, Perpetua or Dr Boni Khalwale, you'll have an opponent.

"My brother, as I bring the money I want you to use the money this way, you implement a project in Matungu, and you also implement it in Shinyalu." Khalwale stated.


Barasa responds to Khalwale

In a swift rejoinder, the governor dismissed Khalwale, noting that he has a manifesto for which he was elected and will not take instructions from the Senator.

"Khalwale you will not tell me how to work here. Your work is oversight and the constitution does not prescribe a senator telling the governor you will do this and this. I have a manifesto and the people of Kakamega elected me. Six-point agenda item. Khalwale you are not going to dictate how I implement my manifesto.

"We elected you senator in 2022 and one year later you have forgotten your job and eyeing the governor's seat. I want to tell you, wembe ni ule ule. Hawa watu tunafanyia kazi watakurudisha nyumbani," Barasa fired back.


The two leaders have declared interest in the gubernatorial seat and have.

Khalwale has been in the front line accusing the governor of sleeping on the job and challenging him to show some of his projects.

United Democratic Alliance Secretary General Cleophas Malala and Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya have also declared interest in the seat with the incumbent also strongly indicating that he is keen on defending his seat.


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