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KWS officers capture hyena which strayed into a miraa kiosk in Nakuru

A hyena got stranded after straying into a miraa shop in Nakuru

Spotted hyena

In an unusual turn of events, residents of Nyumba Nyeusi area in Langa-Langa, Nakuru County, were taken by surprise when they discovered a hyena stranded inside a miraa shop on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred in the dead of night, leaving both locals and the shop owner bewildered by the unexpected visitor.

Frederick Wamungu, the owner of the miraa stall, recounted the bizarre occurrence, stating that he had closed his shop around 8:00 p.m. the previous night due to a shortage of miraa.

However, upon returning to his stall the following morning, he was greeted by a scene of commotion, with reports of a hyena trapped inside.


Upon receiving the alarming call from fellow traders, Wamungu rushed to his stall only to find a crowd gathered outside, clamouring about the unexpected intruder.

With the help of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers, the hyena was safely rescued from the confines of the miraa shop.

According to witnesses, the hyena is believed to have strayed into the shop during the night before becoming stranded.


The reasons behind the hyena's presence in the urban area remain unclear, prompting speculation among locals.

Following the rescue operation, the hyena was promptly transported to a nearby wildlife centre by KWS officers.


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