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Man who was with Brian Chira reveals his final words

The witness who was with Brian Chira on the night he met his death has broken his silence

Brian Chira

Brian Chira’s final words before death have been revealed by a witness who was at the scene when a speeding lorry knocked.

In an interview with Presenter Ali, the witness recounted that he arrived outside a popular club around 2:53 am.

He narrated pleading with a bodaboda rider to see if he could help take Brian home as they were headed to a similar destination.


Brian had apparently exited the club as it was time to close.

"So kufika hivi nilikuta Brian amefukuzwa kutoka hio club juu walikuwa wanataka kufunga. So kumwangalia hivi nikajua huyu ni Brian.

Na alukuwea amelewa sana. Alikuwa chini na anatolewa. Alikuwa chini na alikuwa amelewa. So kumuona nikamwita, 'Brian!' Akaitika. So akaniambia nisaidie."

He recounted that Brian was inebriated and after giving assurance to the guards, he was allowed to help him.


"Brian akasema nisaidie. Masoldier wakasema kama unamjua unaweza ukamsaidia."

"I was going in a different direction, so I wanted to leave him there but the way he was drunk, akasema naomba unisongee, nikamsongea kwa bike akaingia nyuma yangu. Tukaenda tukafika Gacharage Junction, so nilikuwa nataka ku divert niende nyumbani.

“Brian alikuwa anaenda kwa different direction, so nilikuwa nataka kumwacha hapo lakini venye alikuwa mlevi tena akasema naomba mnisongeshe mnifikishe mahali fulani."

"So after amesonga tukafika mahali alituambia akashuka tu pikipiki and then kumuitisha fare akaanza tu kukimbia. Before asonge two steps mbele ndio gari ilitokea ikampiga."

According to police and eye witnesses, the lorry sped off without stopping.


On March 16, Brian Chira was confirmed dead following a hit and run accident that is under investigation.

Reports indicate that Chira who commanded a sizeable following on social media died in a road accident in Karuri area, Kiambu County.

Details about the circumstances that resulted in his death remain scanty with friends and relatives streaming into City Mortuary where reporters have camped.

Investigations have been launched into the incident.


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