Atwoli's daughter gains 3,000+ new followers overnight, here's her first message

To my new 3k followers - Maria Atwoli

Maria Atwoli, daughter of Trade Unionist Francis Atwoli

Maria Atwoli, daughter to Trade Unionist Francis Atwoli on Tuesday issued a message to her over 3,000 new Twitter followers.

Her Twitter account blew up overnight after her father shared her handle in a congratulatory message he posted on Monday.

Ms Atwoli recently graduated from law school and her father went on to throw a lavish graduation party for her.

While sharing photos from the event, Mr Atwoli opened a Pandora's box into his daughters social media account.

Sipendangi Ujinga - Maria Atwoli

Maria seems to have borrowed her father's no-nonsense attitude as she was quick to set the record straight with her new followers.

The fresh graduate stated that she should not be confused for a politician or trade unionist. She went on to state that she has a low tolerance for fools, "Sipendangi ujinga," in a reply to one of her followers.

She warned anyone who may offend her that she will be quick to block them.

"To my new 3k + followers... There’s no room for bad vibes here... I’m not a politician neither I’m I a trade Unionist... Chat nonsense unaenda Mexico... Si mkuwe na siku poa..." he posted.


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