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MP Zaheer Jhanda’s radical plan to criminalize use & sale of shisha and vape

Details of Zaheer Jhanda's proposal

Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda

Nyaribari Chache Member of Parliament Zaheer Jhanda has revealed his plans to propose a bill in Parliament aiming to outlaw the use, trade, and possession of shisha and vaping products.

The legislator revealed his plans on Friday, April 12, lamenting that illegal substances have flooded the country and are readily available.

He noted that as a result of the widespread use of substances and drugs, many marriages have been affected.

“You can find all illegal substances all over. If you want illegal substances, they can be delivered by a boda boda. It is affecting marriage and the education of our young people. There are cases of divorce based on the use of these.


“They can cause lung and throat cancers,” Jhanda explained.

The lawmaker added that his proposal is in line with the government’s commitment to make Kenya a sober nation with the ongoing fight against illicit drugs and brew.

“It is in line with the government’s efforts to tackle the use and sale of illegal liquor. We must save a generation. Someone must create a comprehensive master plan to stop our children from getting ruined.” He added.

He further cautioned young people against selling and indulging in illegal substances, noting that he intends to have a hotline in his proposal to report the sale and use of such substances.


"We will have a hotline where you send the location and multimedia on WhatsApp, and the government will close the club, and their license will be cancelled for at least two years.” The MP added.

Vaping is the practice in which vapour containing nicotine and flavouring is inhaled using a device known as vape. Sale of vape to persons under 18 years is prohibited.

The government has been on a sustained war against illicit brew in the country with licenses of several companies cancelled.

War against illicit brew


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been on the frontline in the fight, making it clear that he is even ready to lose his position and sharing that he has received threats in his spirited efforts to weed out the menace of illicit brew in the country.

"I was not born in the Deputy President position I just recently got it all those other years I was living a normal life eating and drinking. It is not a must I stay there forever. If I lose this position because of protesting against the sale of this poison I am ready."

"We are almost losing an entire generation. Nobody will be allowed to sell poison in the name of alcohol to our young people," DP Gachagua noted in a recent interview.

"There is no pride in leading a drunken nation, people with broken families…We want to lead productive, decent people and we are not fighting anyone we just want to stop the sale of illicit brew." Gachagua added.


DP Gachagua added that he is ready to lose his current position as long as the battle is won.


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