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The government has plans to assassinate Raila - Oburu claims

We are aware as a family that the government has bad plans to finish the life of Raila - Oburu Oginga

File image of ODM leader Raila Odinga (left) and his brother, Dr Oburu Oging

Raila Odinga’s elder brother, Oburu Oginga has alleged that the Kenya Kwanza government is planning to kill the opposition leader.

The Siaya Senator led a section of ODM leaders in expressing their fear for Raila’s life, claiming that a hit squad has been assembled to execute the plan and eliminate the veteran opposition chief.

The lawmaker added that as a family, they are in the know of the alleged plan crafted in response to the national protests called for by the Azimio leader.

"We are aware as a family and as Luos, and as Kenyans that the government has bad plans to finish the life of Raila," he said.


He added that President William Ruto would be responsible should anything happen to the opposition chief and cautioned against any evil machinations targeting Odinga.

"Ruto we are warning you in broad daylight that if you attempt...if you attempt..." Oburu added.

His sentiments were echoed by Kisumu Woman Representative, Rosa Buyu who cautioned that such a move would have devastating consequences.

"Try to kill him, and you will have to kill all of us. The only person who can call off the demonstrations is Raila Amolo Odinga.

"If you attempt to touch even a strand of hair on Raila's head, this country will never be the same again” Buyu added.


Raila alleges killer quad

Odinga himself has alleged a plot targeting Azimio leaders, claiming that a killer squad led by one Mr. Kariuki has been assembled and would be unleashed on Kenyans.

"This time round, it is not just the official security officers that are being unleashed on Kenyans. Kenya Kwanza has embedded a trained killer squad in the name of Operation Support Unit into the official security agencies and unleashed it on Kenyans.


"It is the squad Ruto is counting on ‘kusafirisha’ Azimio leaders as William Ruto warned,"

“Kenyans have never lost a liberation struggle. We get beaten, arrested, and killed but we never lose. We shall not lose the one currently underway. Police killings during protests have happened in the past. Almost always, those shot are innocent Kenyans not involved in demonstrations. These killings are meant to spread fear among Kenyans so that they succumb to the excesses of the regime," Odinga stated.

The opposition has called for three days of national protests to pressure the government to address the rising cost of living and ditch the Finance Act 2023 among other demands.


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